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Occupational Health

Pre-Placement Medical Assessment

  • To match the demands of the job with the employee’s capabilities by evaluating existing health conditions with respect to potential aggravation by job duties and to provide baseline data for future comparisons.
  • To place new employees in accordance with their physical and emotional capacities and the physical, psychosocial and environmental demands of the job
  • To identify previously undiagnosed health problems, any health related condition that may be aggravated by or compromise job duties 
  • To provide baseline data against which future evaluative data can be measured 
  • To make recommendations for accommodation to the employer if health and/or medical concerns are identified that potentially impact on the new employee’s ability to work safely. 

Periodic Medical Assessment

  • Workplace Health Factors Questionnaire 
  • Early identification of the 'working wounded' and interventions to avoid disability 
  • Workplace relapse-prevention strategies 


Independent Medical Assessment

  • For comprehensive treatment planning 


Occupational Medical Assessment 

Return to Work Assessment: 
  • Evaluation of employees absent for medical reasons and now returning to work
  • Transitional and suitable return-to-work guidelines

Fitness to Work Examination: 
  • Functional capacity evaluations by physiotherapists
  • Work capability examination
  • Work-hardening programs
  • Ergonomic modifications in the workplace