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Occupational Health

Prevention & Early Intervention: The Walsh & Associates Model

The model of Occupational Health & Safety Services followed by Walsh & Associates focuses on prevention and early intervention.

The tiered, proactive focus on prevention that underlies the premise of Occupational Health &Safety practice, is outlined below:

Primary Prevention:

  • Identifying and addressing workplace hazards
  • Implementing medical services and surveillance programs
  • Health promotion, wellness and prevention of illness/injury
  • Ergonomic assessments and recommendations
  • Training programs
  • Early diagnosis and prompt treatment

Secondary Prevention:

  • Responding to medical emergencies
  • Providing or facilitating direct health care
  • Injury management
  • Disability management

Tertiary Care:

  • Facilitating Return to Work and accommodations in the workplace
  • Trend analysis, data assessment
  • Co-ordinating community services